Sunday, March 29, 2009


Friends, readers and sworn enemies, these are perilous times for the print media. As I pointed out in a previous Knoxville News Sentinel column, “Daily newspapers are dropping like tame quail and ducks in front of former vice-president Dick Cheney's shotgun.”

Personally, I hope the Knoxville News Sentinel will be around for another 100 years, and I don’t have any information that it won’t. However, it has been said that a wise man looks both ways, even when crossing a one way street. As a person who has been around long enough to know how little I know, I am establishing a separate presence for myself on the Internet as David Hunter In His Own Write.

Whether you have read my columns through the years because you liked them or just because you need someone upon whom to vent, I am sending you a means of keeping up even if the Knoxville News Sentinel decides to fold its print media. Let me repeat, I have no information that this will happen in the near or even distant future. It is strictly a safety net I am hanging for myself.

If you glance through the archives, it will become evident that I have blogged only sporadically in the past. I will try to be more timely in the future. I just wanted to let you know where to find me. If necessary, and I won’t be bombarding anyone with spam. If you’re interested -- for whatever reason -- ad my blog to your favorites, your book marks or whatever your browser calls the list.

And watch for further updates,


dorknox said...

It's good to see you being pro-active. Love your columns. I almost had to write to you this week and tell you so!!


Christy Tillery French said...

I've added your blog to my favorites, David. Always enjoy your writing.