Friday, June 18, 2010


Yesterday, I told my son, Dave who is in Massachusetts -- during a cell phone conversation -- that his mother and I were thinking of upgrading our cell phones, maybe even to smart phones. There was a pause as he seemed to be looking for the proper words.

“Smart phones would be an extra expense for nothing. You and Mom only use your phones for telephone calls.”  He knows about these things because is a programmer and software designer.

“Maybe if I had the features I’d use them.” I replied. I didn’t even try to suggest that my wife and his mother would surf the Internet on her telephone. She has never upgraded to a phone with a camera.

“You use your computer and it does everything you can do with a smart phone.” He had me there. My computer goes with me on the rare occasions I travel and I’ve never used the features I have on the cell phone I own now, except for the occasional picture to use as a screen saver.

The conversation made me face up to the fact that I am a dinosaur in this connected world. I’ve learned to get by on the computer, but it isn’t natural for me to communicate any way other than the telephone, if given a choice.

I probably won’t get a smart phone and I’m certain my wife won’t.

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