Saturday, January 24, 2009


“2 U.S. Airstrikes Offer a Concrete Sign of Obama's Pakistan Policy.” This was the Washington Post’s take on the two U.S. military strikes ordered by President Barack on Friday, January 24.

The story was widely covered in the British news media and by individual American papers. CNN covered it in a roundabout manner by way of an interview with former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. Fox News appears not to have heard about the strikes.

Fox News has had numerous talking heads discussing the possible disastrous repercussions of Obama’s order to close the prison at Gitmo, but not a word about a major policy matter on terrorists. They are making founder Rupert Murdoch proud once again.

Yesterday, I picked up the story by way of an e-mail alert online while I was working. This morning, while watching the overnight news summary, I began to doubt that I had actually read about it because what is a major news story was missing on CNN and Fox News.

So I went back to the Internet to verify that a Obama had indeed ordered a strike inside Pakistan in which 15-20 people were killed. The lack of coverage by Fox doesn’t surprise me coming from the station that speaks of “homicide bombings” rather than “suicide bombings,” but why the general silence from CNN?

I hope Fox and CNN aren’t ignoring it for the same reason -- that it doesn’t suit their public image of Barack Obama. Our new President made no secret of his intentions in the pursuit of terrorists in Pakistan.

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