Thursday, January 22, 2009


Will anyone join me in asking Keith Olbermann to join the Republicans? His pontificating has driven me to give up MSNBC for the same reason I long ago gave up Fox News -- there’s no balance at all.

Olbermann has done the impossible by making even Bill O'Reilly appear almost rational by comparison.

For instance, Olbermann’s smarmy advice to President Obama that he is obligated to put George W. Bush on trial for war crimes. It would be the perfect way for the new President to render himself politically impotent for the nest four years -- and it would set a horrible precedent.

If Bush is guilty of war crimes by torture -- and many believe he is -- let the International Criminal Court take up the matter. If he is tried in absentia (and he would be crazy to show up), then he’ll never be able to travel internationally again and history will have its story.

Geez, hasn’t the country had enough craziness in the last eight years to last another century without this nonsense from our side?

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bretonbound said...

David, I'd wager any amount with you that the more like several hundred thousand dead, Iraqi, American & others, would strongly disagree with you that it is "craziness" to pursue war crime indictments against bUSH.