Friday, March 11, 2011


It’s strange the things we remember.

At the age of nine or so, I caught some kind of stomach ailment – which we just called a “belly ache” back then. For several days I couldn’t keep anything on my stomach.

Then, on a Saturday night, my Aunt Coba brought her kids to the house along with a brand new Campbell’s soup called Bean with Bacon. Well, it was new in Knoxville, anyway.

While we watched a short-lived television series called The Buccaneers, starring Robert Shaw as a reformed pirate, I ate not one bowl, but two of Bean with Bacon soup and kept it down.

Ever since, when I open a can of Bean with Bacon soup, I’m transported back to 1957, sitting cross-legged in front of a black and white television screen on Virginia Avenue, and feel strangely comforted.

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Dan said...

Bean with bacon, huh? That's pretty uptown from where I came from.
My Campbell's soup memory ....
My Dad and his partner started H &H Auto Parts in Savannah, Tn in '57....I was 10. We were so strapped for money..every day that 1st summer, about noon, my Dad would send me up to Shorty Neighbors' store for 2 cans of tomato soup (2 for a quarter). Think the only kinds he had on the shelf were tomato and chicken noodle. I'd bring them back and heat them up - in the can -on an old hot plate. We'd crumble in saltines brought from home after slurping enough off the top to make room. Same thing every day. My Dad was the original conservative.
enjoy your columns.

Dan Holloway
Wears Valley