Thursday, March 14, 2013

Play it again, Paul

On a daily television news show, I recently saw House Member Paul Ryan (R. Wis.), who was also Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential running mate. He had a bound copy of  legislation he was about introduce. The cover page said: “A Responsible, Balanced Budget.” It looked really simple. 

Unfortunately, he admitted upfront to members of the press that it was pretty much a repeat of his plans for turning Medicare into a voucher system, cutting taxes and eliminating the Health Care For America Plan (Obamacare) as a means of reducing the deficit. However, he also told the gathered reporters something to the effect that the new version focused on the debate points he and Romney had won. 

Sorry Mr. Ryan, but who won the debates wasn’t based on personal assesments; the  merits of the debates were decided by the winner of the last presidential election.  A majority of Americans rejected your ideas.  You can say, “Most Americans don’t want Obamacare” until the cows come home and it still won’t be true  -- unless, of course, you qualify it with “real Americans” to exclude those pesky minorities who keep growing more numerous every year. 

That particular boat has sailed, Mr. Ryan, but the longer you keep deluding yourself that nothing has changed, the better it will be for the real majority.


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Sheree Martines said...

GOOD PIECE! Got a good chuckle. Shared it with my best friend and he liked it too.