Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Cults of the True Believers

One of the more militant Face Book people posted a piece decrying the lack truth about the Newtown slaughter. The mainstream news media, he said, finally had to print the truth that the -- that the demented shooter who slaughtered 20 children and six adults used pistols instead of an AR-15 rifle.

Let me address a couple of points here:

  (1)There is no mainstream news media; it is a fantasy in the minds of people who get all their so-called news from the Fox News Network or Rush Limbaugh --just as others solely watch MSNBC, which is the left-wing version of Fox News. I watch and read everything I can fit in during a day, from the BBC to English language Chinese newspapers. That is how you come closest to the truth.

(2) It was announced early in the investigation, while near-panic still ruled at Sandy Hook Elementary School that a rifle was used. It took a while for the real facts to come out of the confusion, but as a member of the so-called mainstream news media, I kept track of the story and knew the shooting was with handguns. Any journalist who didn’t know the facts in a couple of days, was too lazy to do research.

(3) I doubt very seriously if the people who lost loved ones in that massacre feel would feel any differently because an insane person committed mass murder with handguns rather than an AR-15.

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