Monday, March 10, 2014


Television talking heads often mention the “Libertarian branch of the Republican Party.” As one who delved deeply into the Libertarian movement in the early 1980s, I can say unequivocally that there is no such branch of the Republican Party.

The following principles emerged in early American Libertarianism: 1) Government is constitutionally limited so as to prevent the infringement of individual rights by the government itself. 2) No action which does not infringe the rights of others can properly be termed a crime. 3) Laws on voluntary sexual relations, drug use, gambling, and attempted suicide should be repealed. 4) All forms of censorship, whatever the medium involved, are wrong.

These rights were the core principles of libertarianism. “No action which does not infringe the rights of others can properly be termed a crime” meant what it said. Without giving an opinion on the individual issues, the first principle would eliminate laws concerning marriage, abortion, drug use, any form of promoting a religious belief by color of law and discrimination against gays and other minorities, period.

“Libertarian” comes from the word liberty and applies to everyone. Those who are not willing to accept that they cannot oppose any personal action that does not harm them as individuals, by definition are not Libertarians. It’s a nice sounding word but means nothing unless it is practiced.

I can call myself tall, dark and handsome, but the reality will remain that I am short, sort of mottled and ordinary looking.

Just thought I’d mention this.



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